The Track in Dialogue Education

Year 1
The first year of study focuses on the students' personal development. They are taught to look inward at themselves and outward at the peer group, the group of children, and the educational learning environment. In doing so, they associate their insights with the theoretical and educational aspects of the fields of education, psychology, and other disciplines.

Year 2
The second year is devoted to development of an educational worldview and acquisition of tools for preparing study plans and matching the methods of instruction and teaching to different groups of children. The students learn to plan, implement and evaluate a teaching unit adapted to different children, in different fields of education and varying disciplines (Israeli culture, music, arithmetic, science, etc.).

Year 3
This year is devoted to:
1. The acquisition of tools for managing a kindergarten, with emphasis on the role of the kindergarten teacher as leader of a group of learners and manager of an educational framework; and
2. Acquaintance with schools and children in grades 1 and 2. The students learn about classroom management, organization of daily schedules, interdisciplinary teamwork, teaching reading and arithmetic, and so forth. They will also gain practice in planning and implementing curricula in different areas, adapted to schoolchildren.

Year 4
This year, the students work as kindergarten or school teachers and participate in the College's practice teaching workshop.